Thicking Economy

Reading the time is universally understood in so far that it is engrained into our minds as individuals in our social life. It is safe to assume anyone can read a clock. It transcends cultures, languages and we learn it from a very young age. In many ways the language of money is spoken the same, except for discrepancies across nations and the value of their respective currencies against one another. How can two completely untangle substances, oppose each other and yet be understood almost universally? This project tries to string together an understanding of public time, and a circulating value for exchange. Analogue clock units are to be understood as units of value that hold time as currency. The key concept revolves around the notion of time based currency or time based economy - in other words retailing private time. To gather concrete understanding of how time can be marketed as literal currency, I had to experiment with devices that could support this hypothetical economy.


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Thicking Economy
January 24, 2012