Anna Frida Jónsdóttir, 2011 (c)

Thought interpreter


Various bathroom tiles, jarheads, feeding spoons and a personal device connected to the?central station. (Motors, jars, arduino)


The piece is run by an arduino which runs the 10-15 motors. The original version of the piece is about 4m x 4m in scale but can easily be increased or decreased by demand. The piece needs to hang in the ceiling but could also hang from a steel frame.



No one really knows how much we are affected by the people around us since there is no way of measuring it and yet we always know if someone is staring at us from behind. We are connected in one way or another but no one really knows how. This part of our biological engineering is what the Thought interpreter is supposed to embody. These little ticks from other people we gather in our everyday life. The subtly of them and the question if we even recognize them.The work relates to research of how emotions and meanings could effect the structure of water molecules and how we give and receive these emotions. Since water is the worlds best solvent, could something very personal from every living resident be residing underneath the city in the sewer system for example? A sub city of thoughts and emotions mirroring the reality, the overall emotional state of a city?The Thought Interpreter is my abstracted example of this mirroring in systems, wether small or large,every person, its own system and the grand scale. After having done my own research on the Danube I realized that information is everywhere, one drop of blood, one string of hair, but our body is 70% water which we cant really read. Every resident in the area resides in the Danube in one way or another and evidence of that is easily traceable.The purpose of the example, the work, is to find a balance and peace with the unreadable.?For those things we have art. The reverse engineering I find by zooming in very closely to a specific subject and then zooming out again to construct a personal view on the subject and abstracting it.


Anna Fríða Jónsdóttir is an Icelandic artist, working from Vienna. She finished her Bachelor in?The Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2010 and is currently doing a masters degree in the department of Art & Science of the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Anna Fríða has been working with photography, video and installations and is now moving towards video performances. In her works she has been dealing with questions about systems of perception as well as myths and believes and how these systems seem to contradict modern understanding. In her studies of art and science she has been doing research on consciousness and its relationship to our body. She has been dreaming of signals and messages from un-perseivable corners of the universe and seeing what explanations they may have in science.?Her philosophy has been, the more you zoom in, the more you become aware of the pattern. She is?being chased by metaphors and systems that all seem to function in similar ways. Trying desperately?to make sense of these patterns.

Please visit my website for a video of the original piece and further works


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Thought interpreter
June 21, 2011