(C) 2015 Chris Fries. Photograph: Solmaz Farhang

Tomorrow’s World Depends on Today’s Thoughts

Chris Fries

As apart of the Atlas project I asked myself, “What do I know and enjoy most about the present state of spirituality in nature’s subtle energies; those which flow down the hillsides from the Austrian Alps into our food, air and water, and create our bodies, minds, and thoughts?” Focusing mostly on the spiritual and pataphysical* elements of unexplained reasonable doubt, I must grasp this sensitive role, so that I can share and push forth my feelings, through the creation and manifestation of a nonphysical/ physical entity, vessel, or object, to an audience of my peers.

To better understand and create a pataphysical method of understanding and a critique of this unexplained reasonable doubt, I must know almost nothing, like looking through the eyes of an infant, so that I am a part of this awe and exquisiteness that nature holds in its bosom. Likewise, my main goal is to harbour in my heart and mind, the mysticism that lies deep in the foot holes of the forest and high above in cliff-sides of mountains. I aim to bring back this elemental state of mindfulness, however it looks.

As part of my pataphysical methods, I am working with an ancient and unique way of observing and describing these unexplained reasons and doubts that oscillate in and out the mountains and forests. It is called mental transmutation through the re-polarization of subtle energies. My endeavor is to take one or more of these subtle energies that exist mentally and spiritually, from the Alps and alter them through mental alchemy. This is done by the transmutation of its powers from one degree to the other. Thus creating a nonphysical/physical object/entity that exists not only in the mind of the viewer but also serves as an outward projection of my intentions.

Through these pataphysical and mental transmutational methods, I further ask myself, “What do I like or dislike about the various aspects, polarities, properties, and qualities that make a system stand for something of spiritual and pataphysical value, that make these subtle energies?” Then I take the pros and cons from each side and “change” their meaning from one degree to another until I can “see” the ideas physically and spiritually manifest. The end result will be a piece that helps bring more light to the ever-changing embryonic position of truth that nature holds for us, so that we can practice and know how to be content with these subtle energies, which we have right at our fingertips, to do with as we wish...

*Pataphysical-”The science of imaginary solutions, which symbolically attributes the properties of objects, described by their virtuality, to their lineaments.”

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Tomorrow’s World Depends on Today’s Thoughts
May 26, 2015