(C) 2015 Margit Busch. Photography: Solmaz Farhang


Margit Busch
Installation, Ceremonial Tea Time

There are many chambers as the dictionary tells me. An audience chamber, a bubble chamber, a burial chamber, a bed chamber, an atomising chamber, a cloud chamber - just to name few. The chamber I want to present is a transchamber. The transchamber is nothing stable, it is of transient nature and adapts to the circumstances and requirements. It is sometimes a living room, it can be a laboratory or a workshop and also a showroom of a transcientist. But what the hell is a ‘transcientist’? A transcientist is somebody working in a discipline called transciency.

And what is ‘transciency’? The term does not exist in Oxford dictionaries or Wikipedia. It is, as you might have guessed, a combination of the word ‘trans’ and the word ‘science’.

As trans means across, beyond, through – transciency is a discipline dealing with something that is across, beyond, through science. It draws and builds upon knowledge from natural science and humanities, tacit knowledge, experience and practical skill. It is a vast and eclectic field and attempts to reflect upon phenomena from various perspectives.

The TRANSMAP which accompanies the TRANSCHAMBER was developed to provide a rough orientation on the vast field of transciency. It does not claim to fully capture the terrain but might give guidance for future transcientists. As time, space, matter and energy are fundamentals in principle of every discipline, they replace the four cardinal directions of the compass rose on the map.

Fact Box

May 26, 2015