Versatile ethereals

conceptual framework

This work in progress relates to versatile structures allowing multiple configurations where the “inside” and the “outside” are re-invented at each actual time.  It playfully studies the behaviour of dynamic systems. Taking the science of crystallography as inspiration source and point of departure for geometry construction, this framework focuses on abstracted “filamental” structures and the exploration of their experimental applications in the realms of the arts.
The primary experimental set up considers open articulated wireframes of different densities that are interwoven following triangulations and triangular subdivisions. They are made out of steel cable, they are flexible and their joints are articulated.
The work pursues aesthetic and poetical aspects as well as refreshed approaches based on processes of change. It can always be transformed, so that an infinite number of new forms can develop.
In this sense, it has a per-formative character, allowing the exploration of its format as pendant installations, sculptural objects or participative works.
It relates as well to what Bruno Latour calls “Open Objects” (lecture "Where is res extensa? An Anthropology of Object") They have an existence in the actual world recalling to the imaginary, in its process of becoming. They go from theory-fiction reality into the world.


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Versatile ethereals
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January 30, 2013