Joan Carles Ballesté, 2013 (c)

Wasserkluster 1.4

The emergent interest and importance of biofilms and inland waters demand different and combined methods of visualisation. For example, media include microscopic images, data visualisations, and info-graphics. The work focuses on some playful and pedagogic approaches by using different media. Could a bean machine (Galton box) or a fan blowing into a cage moving ping pong balls satisfy our understanding of how stochastic biosystems of different scale work in nature? An installation in the Biozentrum seminar room, next to a whiteboard, serves as the location to showcase the author’s ideas. The aim of the performance is to discuss and enrich those approaches, together with the researchers.

Location: Department of Limnology, seminar room


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Wasserkluster 1.4
January 24, 2013