We Went on a Data Quest

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Q: We could be going down completely different paths?
A: Statistics NZ operates on a cost recovery basis which means there is a charge for customised information.
A: Statistics Netherlands has figures concerning the population. However not as specific as you are requering for.
A: Thank you for your request. Unfortunately, I do not see a possibility to provide you with any data of the type you are looking for.
A: The answer was that they do not keep data on the place of birth, and that they would not transmit any address data, for these are protected data.
A: One aspect I forgot to mention yesterday: ReportPortal downloads and uses a library msxmlapi.dll. For some of our customers this has caused a problem. Usually it´s concerned with security settings and it is solved by marking RotterdamDATA as a trusted site. In rare cases it is the firewall that prevents downloading or using msxmlapi.dll.

A: By principle, I do not see any problems concerning your request.
A: Here you go!
Q: Out of questioning there should be an interaction?


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We Went on a Data Quest
June 21, 2011