What if... (A troubleshooter hypothesis)

What if? (A troubleshooter hypothesis)
When I began my research I spoke with a lichen specialist who referred to lichens as astonishing organisms, as something that could save our planet. In addition, he said they were capable of conquering a new one, e.g. by providing an Earth-like atmosphere on Mars (R. de la Torre, 2010).
I was astonished by the strong opinion of the scholar on the abilities of this small organism and brushed it aside as a slightly exaggerated viewpoint. But after an extended investigation into the world of lichens, I started to rethink his words and decided to ask some more lichen specialists for their opinion.

Finally, I asked a group of lichen specialists the following question:

What if lichens could be/implicate the answer to all our problems and needs?
Interestingly, my rather hypothetical question did not really surprise the experts. So I started formulating some fictional concepts based on scientific facts as far I had access to them.



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What if... (A troubleshooter hypothesis)
June 18, 2013