Workout for Myoblasts: Kinetic Flavour Enhancment (KFE)

Magnetic Stirrer, Petri Dish, Myoblasts in egg yolk matrix


The rationale for this ongoing experiment is the fact that industrialized animal production has reached its limits. Biotechnology offers new approaches for bypassing the problems that come along with a non species-appropriate
livestock husbandry. However, chunk of myoblasts (cells that form muscle tissue) are flavourless. The PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) award winning concept presented by the Friends of the Natural History Cabinet Association forces naturally developed cell lines of myoblasts to follow a sophisticated space-time choreography that, depending on its trajectories, evokes the missing meat flavours. In other words: dancing myoblasts taste formidable. The promising experiment needs further improvements, however, stirring for one week results in a perfect foie gras simulation.


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Workout for Myoblasts: Kinetic Flavour Enhancment (KFE)
December 14, 2011