Artist: Rafael Lippuner. Photography: Peter Kainz (c)

Zero Sum Medium

Not long ago, most of us had a Cosmic Microwave Background detector at home: The analog TV, whose snowing noise is supposedly the echo of the big bang. Just picture it. Therefore expanding this mass communication device to a true medium between the observer and the cosmos. Like the constant irrigation we are used to by any program, the information flow from the universe is constant. In this installation, the noise comes from both sides of the screen, as on one side the electron gun is shooting beams through a vacuum onto a glowing layer, while on the opposite side water is dripping like rain. Both come from the sky and equal out each other’s chaotic nature, as they meet on the horizon.

Opening: 6th June 2017, 19:00
Exhibition: 7th – 17th June 2017, Tuesday to Friday, 13:00–19:00, Saturday 12:00–17:00,
and by appointment
Accompanying program: 9th June 2017
das weisse haus
Hegelgasse 14
1010 Vienna, Austria

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Zero Sum Medium
June 06, 2017