Artists: Rosie Benn, Johanna Folkmann with concept development from Marius Fischer. Performance collaborator Alastair Maclennan (and many more) Photographer: Martin Krenn (c) 2017.

What on Earth?

A sensorial, cognitive and experimental artistic research enquiry into soil, a basic material that is essential to life, one which connects as well as divides us. How can soil speak through us, how can we speak to soil, what histories does it connect us to and what might it tell us about the world we live in?

Dialogical Seminar, Kunsthalle 'Beweis zu nichts', Vienna, 04/17

PS2 Gallery, Experimental Studio, Belfast, 05/17

'The Balkan Refugee Route, A Pathway to Solidarity'', Conference, Europa House, Vienna 09/17

Future Undone, Exhibition, AIL (Angewandte Innovation Lab), Vienna, 09/17

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What on Earth?
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October 25, 2017