Speaker: Eni Bridner, Photographer: Rafael Lippuner (c) 2017

Broadening The Horizon of 'Extra Dimensions'

Talks by Eni Brandner (animator), Gregor Schwellenbach (musician) and Matthias Fink (architect). 
In relation to 'Umkehren um 180 oder 360 Grad!!' by Golnaz Bashiri.  
Everyday experiences of 'extra-dimensions' across different locations.

Exhibition and events of University of Applied Arts Vienna (Art & Science and Site-Specific Art) in cooperation with CERN (art@CMS and HEPHY – Institute of High Energy Physics).

das weisse haus - Hegelgasse 14 - 1010 Vienna, Austria

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Broadening The Horizon of 'Extra Dimensions'
June 09, 2017