Marwa Sarah, 2017 (c).

Burden of Caring

I was in the middle.
In the middle of this vortex.
I like to help but I couldn’t follow-up
many things consuming me, a huge pressure overwhelming
I have to study, to work, to find an apartment and
above all I have to be okay!
I tried to see him on a regular basis, but I did
not succeed.
He is moody and unsteady, talks a lot and smells really
really nasty.
Sometimes I can’t even stand it.
I didn’t want to give up, but I did not succeed. Together,
we videotaped different sections. He was
very happy.
I was happy with the concept of attention and assistance
more than my actual care for him.
I got bored.
My name is Marwa.
His name is Husni.
We came to Vienna at almost the same time.

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Burden of Caring
June 26, 2017