Mariia Panina, 2017 (c).

Locating a Moral Argument in Time and Space

Applied to: Michel De Montaigne 'Cowardize, the mother of Crueltie', in The Essays of Montaigne, Book 2, Chapter 27

Care for the social. Point of view.
Locating an argument in time and space.

Care is an assistance, provided by those
who feel themselves rightful to do so:while
being non-invasive it goes along with vital
processes, discovering ways of communicating
them, translating them into a medium that
justifies their entity in the volatility of a context.

As for the social sphere, any relation to the
social is unimaginable without any care provided,
since it is always a confrontation between
individual and common. A dialogue between the
two is impossible until the fairnessof place
occupied by a particular individual in the
domain of common is advocated and therefore
defined. Consequently, the care for
the social is built upon definitions and lies
in the realm of language. 

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Locating a Moral Argument in Time and Space
June 26, 2017