Barbara Macek, 2017 (c).

Pain Cut Bone Blood

Experiments in research creation: a multi-voiced, multi-perspective approach to pain

I. Preparations
During the third phase of my project: ‘The Fictional Logic
of Pain’ I went into the field with the intention to look at,
imagine and feel into pain.

The foundation of this part of my research were observations
that I performed at two big Viennese hospitals. For
this endeavour I re-purposed the method of ‘naturalistic
non-participant observation’and developed my own method
entitled ‘self-reflective observation in the mode of seeing-feeling’.

The following observations took place between April and
June 2016 at the Department of Trauma-Surgery at the
Vienna General Hospital and the Casualty Department at
the Emergency Hospital Meidling.

The observations in both cases relied on time-based sampling
(the observations were limited to one hour in the
morning during weekdays) and on event-based sampling
(observations focused on nonverbal pain behaviours as defined
and described in the CNPI. This ‘Checklist of Nonverbal
Pain Indicators’ is a common tool for pain assessment
in healthcare contexts). As a result of these ‘case-studies’
I obtained two observation protocols with ‘matter-of-fact’
entries in a chronological order, describing the occurrences
during my stays at the emergency departments.

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Pain Cut Bone Blood
June 26, 2017