(c) Jasjote Grewal, 2018. Photography: Rafael Lippuner

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Jasjote Grewal exhibited an installation in the form of untitled shelf in a room surrounded by blank cards on the wall. Focusing on the role and extent of autonomy in narrative building, the viewer was presented with the opportunity to take their time to step back, observe and formulate their own narrative from clues provided in the shelves. Each shelf was likened to a self-containing search result found on Google. However rather than providing the viewer with all information, the narrative, as well as title, was left in the viewers' hands as they wrote their own titles on the blank cards. As the number of titles on the wall began to grow, an inadvertent framing took place as later viewers faced the risk of becoming increasingly trapperd by the pre-existing titles that surrounded them as they simultaneously attempted to develop their own narrative.

Fact Box

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May 29, 2018, 18:00h