(c) Marthin Rozo, 2018. Photography: Peter Kainz

One Human Day | Refugees for Non-Human Life

Marthin Rozo presented us with two projects. The first, 'One Human Day' explores the potentiality of a path both as scientific data and as a drawing. The artwork comprises of 16 different human day-to-day paths over the world, each corresponding to a one-minute sound landscape recorded by each person who took part in the project. The resulting images question authorship having been rawn and traced by a human, drawn again by a printer machine and finally presented as a hybrid between data and drawing. The second project, 'Refugees for Non-Human Life' are an artistic creation but from a non-human perspective. The objects are a mixture between sculpture and a “Hotel for Insects”, whereby the latter is a strucure created by biologists to support certain insects during their living cycle. In this instance, the purpose is still the same but now there is an aestheticcomponent and an organic form, more adapted to its guests.The objects are intended to be both inside human places as an organic parasitic interventions, as well as outside as a part of the environment. The sculptures are the initial results a project that aims to create collaborations with people from different fields of knowledge, such as biology, design, architecture, etc for the benefit of other life forms.

Protocol by Jasjote Grewal

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One Human Day | Refugees for Non-Human Life
May 29, 2018, 18:00h