(c) Guadalupe Aldrete, 2018. Photography: Peter Kainz

Phronesis. Thinking about the truth.

In a distant future, Much further away than what our calculations could have predicted, a race called the Phronesians, the new humans, arise. They have sent a scientific laboratory back to 2018 to obtain samples of gene GJB2 in order to create from it a synthetic biological tool that will allow them to see colors and hear without the need of special aids. Shortly before departure, it is discovered that the supervolcano 00IIII-000*0 is likely to erupt within the next hundred days, however the Phronesian authorities refuse to make it public.

Part of the scientific community believes that one specific kind of the GBJ2 gene would rescue all humans, while others are sure it will poison them. One of the scientists travelling with the lab learns of the pending eruption and subsequent debate and has to make the big decision: to collect the specific mutation of GJB2 or to avoid it. Upon arrival, the laboratory is open to visitors, who might have the disputed GJB2 gene. Through access to advanced technology, they will experience the materiality and immateriality of their own bodies.



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(c) Peter Kainz

also seen in the pictures:
o. Univ.-Prof. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.techn. Georg Glaeser (Jury)
Sen. Lect. Mag.a Nita Tandon (Jury)
Laura Stoll (student colleague)

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Phronesis. Thinking about the truth.
June 13, 2018