(c) Work by Michael Bachhofer, 2018. Press Photo by NHM

Mind Explorer - Zwischen Kunst und Astronomie

Michael Bachhofer's "Mind Explorer" deals with the interactions between the arts and the astro sciences and also traces the ways in which both affect daily life. In interviews with experts, factors and concepts were identified and drawn in the form of networks. These networks are fragments of a map - a network - that helps us to get an idea and a sense of how art and astronomy interact with each other and perhaps even with everyday life. The diversity of the contributors allows the recipients to find universal connections between our subjective experiences and the attempt of objective statements. It is a journey into the abstract structures of our imagination.

For the work interviews with Oliver Czoske, Nikolaus Gansterer, Werner Gruber, Franz Kerschbaum, Ulrike Königshofer, Lisbeth Kovacic, Johann Lurf, Clemens Setz and Lotte Schreiber have been conducted and maps have been drawn in the interviewees very personal style. These original impact diagrams of the interviewees have been shown to give an impression about how diverse and yet how similar we all perceive the world and the universe we live in.


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Mind Explorer - Zwischen Kunst und Astronomie
June 19, 2018