A room of her own | I hung my laundry up


A room of her own

Media: Printed and framed scanning electron microscopy images, x-ray diffraction patterns and UV-spectrophotometry patterns, Ph.D. dis­sertation print, experimental sample of ZnO thin film on a glass substrate in a display box, ceramic coffee cup, artichoke flower in a glass vase, embroidered table cloth, coffee table setting.
I spent a very long time here. Creating me­mories in a world 100 000 times smaller than the tip of your one hair strand. Oh, those playfully growing nano-rods! How wonderful it was when I first saw the (101) peak for the first time. And remember those lovely, wiggly UV curves?

Do you remember how artichoke tastes? Can not find it here easily. Your grandfather would be so proud, if he could only see.
Time flows. Data disappears. So do loved ones. But we can always cherish the memories; can’t we? Come, have a seat, have some coffee. Read a bit of my book, my story.

I hung my laundry up

Media/techniques: Prints (electron microscopy, electron diffraction, optical microscopy, pho­tography), shibori sheet, ebru cleaning sheet, pencil drawing, text, steel rope, drying clips, pothos plants, moss, sea shells and pine cones in a straw bowl, personal office/studio corner
Some pages from my portfolio that was created for applying to this very Art & Science
program. They came clean out of the washing machine and wanted to be hung up, forming a story line on a laundry rope, starting with the ‘’hard science’’ done by my physicist self to the ‘’softer, floating stuff’’ that was imagined by my artist self, with some transitional/intersectional elements in between. Accompanied by the beauty and generosity of nature.
- Are you an artist as well?
* Errr… I‘m actually a scientist, then start but also…. (Actually?? Could I not just be somebody who looks at things? Observes, connects and reflects? Let me by surrounding myself with the things that brought me here.)

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A room of her own | I hung my laundry up
October 24, 2018, 18:00h