Forces of revolution | Inside exploitation

Installation | Paper, cardboard, string, duct tape | Installation

Forces of revolution

Media: Rafaels neatly cut wooden plates, 12 skrews, iron parts, cardboard, duct tape, test tubes, drill

Pushing outwards with 4000 revolutions per minute
Will it be enough?
To do what?
To differentiate!


Inside exploitation

From January until the end of May 2018 I mana­ged the mediation program of the transeuropa fluid festival in Hildesheim, Germany. Without the help of Magnus Rust and Jasmin Keller, this endeavor would have failed dramatically and they supported this megalomaniac idea that culminated in three parts. We did workshops in schools, created exchange forums that facili­tated problems and possibilities between the municipality, artists, social associations and cultural spaces and we created a publication. This presentation shows the publication itself as a living document, it is living because it is still being used for the drafting of the city’s cultural development plan. Documenting everything we did and acting as a collecting pool for the development of Hildesheim’s cul­tural institutions in the last 30 years, the publication seeks to be a mediating catalogue.

However, it does not document the struggle of applying for money and the way we exploited ourselves. The presentation shows a part of the unpublished proposals it took to pay us a frac­tion of the average wage in Germany. I earned around 20 cents an hour, Magnus approximately 10 cents an hour and Jasmin got 15 ECTS for her work.
I dedicate this presentation to Magnus Rust and Jasmin Keller

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Forces of revolution | Inside exploitation
October 24, 2018, 18:00h