Screen Drawings - Work in progress

Ink and embrossing on paper

In its early stages of development, Screen Dra­wings is a series of transcriptions from the digital medium to the manual and vice versa, through the interpretation of computational approach and subjective selection and human manual realization. These start from the cap­ture of screen noise, images with a clear digital language but organic forms. In human transcription, the subtly perceptible errors indicate the difference in character - as well as assigned value - between manually traced and processed and printed images. The results of both interpreters are com­pared. The question of whether we are more attracted to the neat mechanical form or to the product of the decisions of a human mind remains. If noise is an unwanted form that interferes with communication, are we the noise? Do errors make something unique and, therefore, beautiful?

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Screen Drawings - Work in progress
October 24, 2018, 18:00h