In the 21st century, media has changed our lives, as part of the information each of us; the consu­mers, audiences, or witnesses have perceived. By this, it is a factor in the decision of consumpti­on, action, and belief, at the very least, taking part in the trend we live by nowadays. However, the importance of media has dates back long enough and seemingly holds the future endlessly. Writer‘s question is that what is the use of the media ge­neration in our lifespan of history, what should writer achieved as a graphic designer, is there other value it can toil to our society. All these questions have not yet been answered, at least, to the writer. Even though the writer has been wor­king in this field for almost a couple of decades, author‘s left hand has touched the capitalism, and on the other hand, writer holds to activism nonethe­less only the matter of putting bread on the table.

These matters are a collection of the trace of the writer‘s experience. Unfortunately, it does not show any significant labour work or craftsmanship it sup­poses to have design-wise, nor speciality or intelli­gence behind from writer‘s perspective. Nevertheless, it has been a part of people’s fight for their safety, family, life, and the most importance, supporting a belief in life one deserves. Therefore, it is what the writer has achieved hitherto.

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October 24, 2018, 18:00h