Mirror, mirror on the wall


Within the narration responding to the instal­lation I address myself (again) to the fairy­tale of Snow White. The mirror is considered in analogy to modernistic strategies of self-con­struction, therewith interweaved processes of social invocation and institutions of confir­mation. As the political field seems to become striking determined by algorithms and its un­derlying market and lobby pressures, as outrage or rather digital divide seem to function the best way within the rationality of social media commercialization, I decided to visualize this irrational, little scary moments of contempo­rary politics. The sound is combining the song The Bees go Buzzing and the audio part of a Youtube-video: Sebastian Kurz spricht Klartext in der Salzburgarena 2017.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall
October 24, 2018, 18:00h