(c) Work by Anna Lerchbaumer, Photo by Peter Kainz

The "Elektra" Case Files

2019, multimediale Installation & Performance

Loud noise. ELEKTRA. Opera music. Tinnitus. Resistance. Powerful oscillating feelings. Blackout. Currently the office of counterterrorism is investigating a mysterious phenomenon caused by electricity. All the evidence points to the presence of an entity with a consciousness hidden in the power grid. Witnesses report uncontrolled electrical equipment, vibrating cables and short circuits. ELEKTRA leaves us with numerous shocked victims and many questions.
//Do the electromagnetic waves at the edge of our perception control us? Is the powerful force servant or master? What is the aim of the nervous flesh – made of metal and covered with plastic – whose thoughts are washing through technologies and brains?//
On and off. ELEKTRA is a central controller, and she is everywhere. 0 and 1. Frequently powering not only technical but also memories, politics and feelings.


The "Elektra" Case Files – Pics by Peter Kainz


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The "Elektra" Case Files
January 16, 2019, 09:30h