(c) 2019, The Other Place, Frédérique Neuts Leroy; Photo: Gerda Fischbach

The Other Place

This art project is focused on Marc Augé’s concept called the “non-place.” This concept was developed upon analysing the importance of the different types of places that can be defined as non-places, and focuses on how and why these places are essential in our hyper-modern cities. In fact, sites such as highways, storage areas, urban voids or unoccupied areas are classified as “other  places” and most of the time, they are neglected and invisible to the citizens. These other places have been directly observed by  walking around Vienna and have been recorded in drawings. The purpose of this art project is to show the perceptions we could have of these “other placess” by means of an installation of 3D art and drawings. The art project implies a certain degree of abstraction to make the spectator consider the multiple aspects of the “non-place” concept.
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The Other Place
June 14, 2019