(c) Photo: Virgil Widrich


Installation No: 500-679

you are a man, you see when it's dry,
you have hands, you touch the soil,

I am a machine, how should I know
what sensors say in 0 and “go”

Processed data for demand-actuated irrigation of plants:
1) input:
  • Plant species
  • Soil type
→ estimated water demand
 2) measured:
  • solar-radiation
  • wind
  • soil-moisture
  • precipitation
  • electric conductivity
  • soil-temperature
  • air-temperature
  • humidity
→ calculated evapotranspiration
3) timing
  • weather prognoses
→ decision if irrigation starts or waiting for natural rainfall
4) stored data (protocol)
  • timestamp
  • duration of watering
  • weather conditions
  • amount of water
Do I fail, do errors occur?
Yes, fault prone I am, but same are you.

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May 11, 2019