Photograph of text as seen in publication. (C) Bernd Kräftner 2019


Text by Bernd Kräftner

Checklist for Conducting Speculative Research
Perhaps there is a flicker of heat
for personal use only

  1. Find a working title for your speculation and write it down
  2. Contemplate the question on whose behalf you are talking
  3. Find a subtitle
  4. Postpone 3
  5. Escape, for a moment, the norms to which your experiences, isolated by logical, moral, empiricist, religious and other stakes that privilege them, are subject
  6. Cite source of 5
  7. Postpone 6
  8. Say: My Brethren, by the bowels of Christ I beseech you, bethink that you may be mistaken!
  9. Cite source of 8
  10. Postpone 9
  11. You will need an idiot for following 5
  12. Try it with the cat
  13. Remove your brakes

Extract of text by Bernd Kräftner as published in C.A.T.: Catastrophic Animals on Terra – A guidebook to life elsewhere. This book can be purchased from the Art & Science office. Please contact us on .

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June 25, 2019