Photograph of text as seen in publication. (C) Brishty Alam 2019


Text by Brishty Alam

As you entered the landing the first thing that greeted you once the trees parted was a battered hut. On the left lay a wooden wardrobe, flat on its back with its insides half open to receive the leaves that had begun abandoning their posts as autumn crept in. The angle in which it lay pointed out the piles of white chalky bricks where a second hut had stood only a few months ago, and behind which you could already see the upstairs curve down and begin its descent to downstairs. Perhaps it was cries from the upturned creature that compelled us. Or perhaps it was the failure of our attempts at lamenting the bricks back into a hut that drove us to action. In any case, the wardrobe was quickly helped to its feet before anyone asked whether or not we should interfere in its affairs. For some reason upright was unquestionably better.

Extract of text by Brishty Alam as published in C.A.T.: Catastrophic Animals on Terra – A guidebook to life elsewhere. This book can be purchased from the Art & Science office. Please contact us on .

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June 25, 2019