(c) Work & Photo: 'Al nimism' Maria Bacila, 2019


Part of the Collective Exhibition Laundry Services – Open House

I am building an isolated environment; a temporary time-space with and inside its own mythology.

In building the mythology, I turned to celtic animism.

*spirits and divine beings inhabit the world - humans can establish a rapport with them;
*no clear distinction between sacred and profane - rituals, offerings appear in order to maintain the balance between gods, humans and spirits;
*the supernatural is integral and interwoven with the material world - harnessing the supernatural forces for the benefit of the community;
*sanctuaries and sacred spaces separated from the ordinary world - local mountains, forests, the grounds that received the dead, bodies of water, bogs;

There were 2 main ideas I chose to engage with:

*The Supernatural
*Acknowledging natural phenomena, patterns and objects as inspirited and propitiated (ex. there is no god of thunder, but thunder itself is the ‘deity’);

I am proposing a new animism, AI_nimism, which incorporates our scientific understanding of the world and AI as a supranatural force, integral + interwoven with the material world.

AI framed as a factor of emergence in system thinking (emergence occurs when an entity is observed to have properties its parts do not have on their own. These properties or behaviors emerge only when the parts interact in a wider whole. For example, smooth forward motion emerges when a bicycle and its rider interoperate, but neither part can produce the behavior on their own.)

Supernaturalizing nature leads to nature made mysterious. If we use the full power of the term nature, it must include technology (from language to tools to supercomputers). The systems we build that we no longer understand (how does bluetooth work?) that govern our existence go through the same supernaturalizing process that nature went through in animism ==================================> They are made mysterious, becoming supernatural.

AI as central generative/creating/natural non-human people. Hyperobject. Exploration 1.0 into the fluid and undifined ai/tech archetypes and mythology.

video output of GAN generating moving water;
glycerin stones;

Maria Bacila, 2019

Fact Box

October 23, 2019