(c) Work: 'There is an inspiration about It…' by Els van Houtert, Photo: Maria Bacila, 2019

There is an inspiration about It…

Part of the Collective Exhibition Laundry Services – Open House

Rooted in my experiences as an anthropologist of religion lies my fascination with dynamic object/subject relationships and other-than-human-personhoods. In my ethnographic research, I explore how things can be alive through their relationships with human beings, and why this is important. Doing so, I aim to look beyond life as people tell or imagine it, finding my (bumpy) way through the chaos of everyday life-as-lived.
In “there is an inspiration about It..,” I try to take my relation to my fieldwork material as a next subject of anthropological inquiry. I seek to capture what is absent and to make it tangible, and I wonder: Is the life of things fix? Can it be fluid? Does It die once neglected? And, eventually, can the thing become my informant?

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There is an inspiration about It…
October 23, 2019