(c) Work: 'Perspective isomorphs' by Jannis Neumann, 2019; Photo: Maria Bacila

Perspective isomorphs

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Perspective isomorphs – a new classification of molecular structures based on artistic and chemical concepts

A research project together with Ansgar Schnurr and Hermann Wegner.

Models are a quintessential part in research as well as for scientific communication in general. A special challenge is the visualization of the invisible, such as atoms and molecules. In this project we show a new classification of molecular structures, so-called perspective isomorphs, applying an interdisciplinary crossing of epistemological concepts between chemistry and art. The idea is based on the notion that molecules can be classified, if they appear equivalent from one standpoint in a specific orientation.

link: https://www.beilstein-journals.org/bjoc/articles/15/224

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Perspective isomorphs
October 23, 2019