(c) work by Istem Özen, 2013 – ongoing

Time Stamps 1 and 2

Time Stamps 1
2013 – ongoing
pigment on paper

shined on me when I looked with the left eye. a compilation of the artists’
history of the past hour. accumulated traces of many meticulously crafted
and curated pieces. the dirt that was last minute’s gem. a collective time
stamp unique to the moment. showing that nature’s voice can be louder
than a human hand’s.

Cleaning papers from Ebru (Turkish paper marbling) basins. These sheets
are typically tossed once they do their job, which is to rid the water
surface off the traces of the previous work before starting a new one.
Whereas the final Ebru pieces themselves are the commonly signified
outcomes of that production session, I collect and present the "waste
sheets". The patterns on those sheets, unlike the originally aimed work,
are uncontrollable and unrepeatable, thus quite serendipitous. They are
unique pieces carrying a collection of a converted version of the hand
movements of the artist from a previous session, the final form dictated
by the laws of physics and chemistry, thus actually telling the story of an
interaction of a human with the universe on a certain scale, that could be
achieved only on that certain moment in time.

Time Stamps 2
2016 – ongoing
digital photography, fine-art pigment print
dance of the pigments, and the stories that they tell. beauty in failure.
glory of the sunken. it’s physics, chemistry, and a human touch for a
moment in time.

Photographs of the ink that was used during a Suminagashi
(Japanese paper marbling) session. The ink was aimed to stay on the
water surface, in turn to be manipulated to create certain patterns, later
to be transferred onto paper. Due to a miscalculation of consistency and
lack of expertise in the technique, the ink sinks into the bottom of the
water basin, performing a unique dance whilst doing so. By
photographing it, I tried to capture that moment in time, together with
our subjective an unfair view on what failure is.

Fact Box

Time Stamps 1 and 2
November 16, 2019