(c) work by Marko Markovic, 2019

Invisible performance.

Marko Marković, Invisible performance.
Bare Island 2019.
In addition to stone processing, timber, mechanical engineering, and construction, agronomy was also present as an economic branch of production on the Goli Otok. Fruit and vegetable farming was an essential work activity within the "transformation" program. One of the methods of torturing political prisoners in the Bare Island (Goli Otok) was to keep the young seedlings in shade. The prisoners would stand for hours next to the plants, they were planting, and obtain the shade so that plants would not fade under the intense sun and extremely high temperatures.
In 2019, Marković performs a solo action without the audience as obtaining the shade to the plant at Bare Island complex of political prison camp in Former Yugoslavia.
Systematic social devastation, violence, the exploitation of human and natural resources, and the literal stripping off everything that can be grabbed, conquered, consumed, and processed for the benefit comes from the need for power and dominance. Within the natural spectrum, humans as a dominant species, forged under different political systems, create cataclysmically living conditions, pollution, and devastation of the biosphere on a planet that is suffering increasing scale of civilization and environmental catastrophe.
Contextualizing the history of Goli Otok (Beare Island)  as a place of absolute and permanent violence through which political manipulation and the desire for power is present even today, we look at the phenomenon of the human species as one of the dominant that condition social circumstances and bring the devastating consequences of a wide scale.
Exactly dese kind of places of brutal and violent history should show human destructive nature and leed the example for the history to not to repeat itself.
Goli otok was a political prison camp established by the Communist party in Former Yugoslavia in the period of 1949 after Informbiro Resolution which escalated regarding the conflict between Tito and Staljin's repressing politics towards Yugoslavia in 1948.

Prisoners were people with a different mindset than present political system and were sent from many counties of Former Yugoslavia to ''reeducation camp ''. Island was chosen because of the extream climate, bare stone, and sea location isolation. During the years prisoners built the whole architectural infrastructure from the islands stone quarry, that partially after the years of devastation still remains on the island.

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Invisible performance.
November 16, 2019