(c) work by Klara Krämer, 2019

Without title

Part of the Laundry Services – Open Studio Exhibition

I draw a line from now to everything that was before
What happened will be
Somewhere else again
What didn´t happen:
A promise
Just the promise that will be somewhere else
what is yours x now will be ours and it was never yours
What is mine is unrecognisable
I suffer from
the beginning
Gather what you can take
Take what is there
it will be yours.
Promise it will be yours
and I won´t regret.
What is loose can´t get lost
ifth your use
When you open the beginning
your at the end
If you go back you won´t move.
When you are dissolving
you become more
xxx but it´s not you anymore?
It´s not you anymore if it is not you
Your response is not answering any oy my questions
if you answer them
I did not ask.
I ask you to not respect what we did
I ask you to not resist what we did
I ask you to not just take what is given
Let it dissolve
between your own fingers
and what falls to the ground
step on it
it will be your stage.

Fact Box

Without title
October 23, 2019