Photograph of text as seen in publication. (C) Rosie Benn 2019


Text by Rosie Benn

In the primeval forest of Transcarpathia we are bathed in century-old trees, each with their own tale to tell, with carpets of moss like glowing green grandfather moustaches from head to toe. A rather different experience from the monoculture I usually encounter. The snakes, who have fallen, continue their living in a new form as they are left to decompose on the bed of the forest. Watchful tree snakes lying endlessly, yet always in motion. They are houses for new creatures and microbial worlds. These beings slither in and around the forest, regulating water flow and retention, protecting us from floods.

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Extract of text by Rosie Benn as published in C.A.T.: Catastrophic Animals on Terra – A guidebook to life elsewhere. This book can be purchased from the Art & Science office. Please contact us on .

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June 25, 2019