Watching a Live Cam for 24 Hours

Naoki Matsuyama
2020, Duration: 12 minutes; Format: mp4

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The coronavirus prompted a hasty embrace of digital alternatives with little discussion about what is impoverished or enhanced. This work explores such questions through a 24-hour quarantined viewing of a live cam in the central square of Fužine, the Croatian village we continued to research after the lock down. The exercise also brings forth issues of surveillance, an aspect that was strengthened with the pandemic, which rely on both mechanical as well as human eyes in a state of awaiting. This resonates in turn with the waiting (for a vaccine, a decree, a number) that has come to define us.

Born 1982 in Rieti, Italy. With a background in Science Technology Studies, his research interests revolve around infrastructure, sound and disaster. 

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Watching a Live Cam for 24 Hours
June 23, 2020