Miloš Vučićević
2020, Full HD / 07:33

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Film description
This introspective-experimental video was filmed along the migrant paths in Gorski Kotar area in Croatia. Real spaces covered with eclectic text have the tendency to show radicalization toward language as a tool for communication. Lonely places abandoned as a result of years long transition, takes back the narrator into his intimate memories kept from delusional past.
A solipsistic musing about the oneness of nature can be seen as a behavior of an author to control the image with his inner voice, where he tries profoundly to think about humanity, nature, life... And placing a whole humanity as a protagonist in a secluded area, trapping it down in one place of violent and destructive surroundings of dystopia.

Miloš Vučićević, born in 1991 in Užice, Serbia. One of the founders of Gallery Reflektor - Užice and it's Contemporary Art Festival Videopark director. He researches through different media such as video, performance, installation where his artistic approach is predominantly connected with political and social paradigmas that exist in society.  He tries to form a concept which has a primary role in his works, and try to position them as a reflection on everyday life.

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June 23, 2020