About Earth Beings and Hybrids

Alfredo Ledesma Quintana

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Film description

Chapter 1
The film is about the relationships that exist between the inhabitants of Fuzine and their environment, understanding not only human beings as inhabitants, asking us who the Others are and what kind of relations exist between them. This leads us to notice the presence and the characteristic of other beings as the rain, the wind, the forest and animals that manifest themselves through space-territory but often go unnoticed as such.
The images represent an attempt to show a different perspective and change in social roles and hierarchies, where the other beings mentioned before are the protagonists.

Chapter 2
This chapter is a continuation of the presence of the inhabitants of Fuzine. The hybrid being is a fusion of natural beings who manifest itself  as a unity through the corporality. It has the intention to offer us a view of different worldviews. The physical presence is manifest in an open space as well as in the action of walking and interacting. This performance-ritual invites us to understand and accept different worlds and ways of thinking within a body – understanding the body as a bridge of different cultures, who embrace a multiplicity. It is an alliance of the inhabitants that seek to reflect and question the way we relate to between us and the others.

Alfredo Ledesma Quintana is a Peruvian artist based in Vienna for the last seven years. He was born and raised in Lima, and belongs to the third generation of a Peruvian artisan silversmith family. Through his artwork, he tries to close a gap, reconnect with, revalue and reactivate traditional Andean culture and his Andean identity. With his work he tries to critically approach existing “modern” values and rework, decolonize, and de/re-learn through art.


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About Earth Beings and Hybrids
June 23, 2020