Križić Kružić

Els van Houtert
2020, Duration: 11:37 minutes, Format: mp4, 1080 HD

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Film description

This is not a film, but a tic-tac-toe of worlding-games. An attempt to fantasize realities, (un)relatedness, and the mystery of randomness. Here it is not only about searching, but also about letting yourself be found. A playful invitation for daydreaming.

Made in collaboration with Eva, whose film footage, stories, and enthusiasm have been a great inspiration.

(This work is a reaction to ‘re-Home’, where the artist explores her own and other people’s memories and stories relating to her hometown, and shows how these different realities--however ‘contradictory’ or ‘surreal’ they may seem--in fact coexist and interact.)



Els van Houtert has a background in anthropology with a focus on phenomenology of experience. She is interested in the dynamic relationships between dreams, memories and possible realities. In her work, she explores daily life-as-it-can-be-lived, by taking a microscopic look at small everyday experiences, in order to bring to light the familiar and the unfamiliar in them.


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Križić Kružić
June 23, 2020