(C) Judith Fegerl, non-specific charged ones, Galerie Hubert Winter, 2016

Non-Specific Charged Ones

Exhibition tour with Judith Fegerl

Judith Fegerl‘s works are closely interrelated. Their development follows a logical progression and is the result of carefully considered mental processes. Core to her art are the symbiotic ties between human beings and the machine, the body and technology, space and time. She simulates laboratory situations and develops technical reconstructions of human organisms. She augments organically grown material with inorganic elements to activate a poetical interplay between science and art. The human body serves as a source of raw material and as an echo chamber exposed to sensual experiences. A striking feature of her work is the use of electric current both as a metaphysical source of energy, as a metaphor for industrialisation and as a prerequisite of the lifestyle pursued by our modern society, to breathe life into her objects and to take this life again, to make energy visible and tangible. Judith will discuss her practise through her current show ‘non-specific charged ones’ at Galerie Hubert Winter [Breite Gasse 17, 1070]


In the context of ‘doing research’ ‘in the field’(/wild) and ‘writing/producing a research report’ in the ‘Caring. Enactments of Hetereogeneous Relationships’ annual project, we would like to look at different methods of research used in fieldwork and writing. Through inviting guests to share their working processes with us, we will ask how these methods relate to what is observed, how they construct the entities produced and determine what we can know.

Non-Specific Charged Ones
April 18, 2016, 15:00h
Galerie Hubert Winter, Breite Gasse 17, 1070