(C) IMAGE. Nicole De Brabandere

Experimentation in Heterogeneous Relationships and Transversal Techniques of Care

Workshop with Nicole De Brabandere

This talk/workshop will relate a variety of concepts and practices that both inform and emerge from caring techniques in the pre-subjective, heterogeneous relationships of media experimentation, including writing. In the experimental media milieu caring is not directed towards a given subject or object of research but activates analytical potentials in the milieu where concept, affect and inhabited tendency co-compose. In these events of co-composition, subjects and objects do not remain contained entities but enter into a morphology that transforms the media ecology, as well as inhabited tendencies of moving, feeling and thinking. In everyday life such events tend to be quickly glossed over in favour of expected or recognizable refrains. My research aims to suspend and reroute such tendencies long enough so that they can open up a milieu of improvisation with situated practices and emergent concepts of feeling. Through this process I develop an analytic with inhabited tendencies and concepts of feeling towards generating an everyday ecology with increased intensity, attention and variation.

I begin with the transversal motif of the rendering line in drawing operations, where contour, surface and direction never remain contained in themselves but activate tensions that link discontinuous spaces and inhabited modes of practice. Through these dynamics of abstraction, I develop thought and practice to elaborate the emergent coincidence of feeling and relation. These minor events generate a milieu to articulate how different heterogeneous relations surface across series of iterations and transform inhabited tendency in the process. This milieu also invites discursive and media techniques of articulation that span across a diversity of analytical and experimental forms.

The surface meets the drawing line. The torso stiffens to guide movement precisely outwards from the shoulder. In the midst of trajectory, the movement of vision is always in front of the contouring trace, luring it forward but never pinning it down. Any visual hesitation and the muscles quiver, faltering in jitters and kinks and the forward force loses focus. But when the force is sure enough, and fast enough, it presses in on breathing and cuts through a multitude of minor tremors, converging the direction of its path with partially remembered movements that slowly and abruptly rise to the palpable surface. Then the convergence slips away into a fading slack. The force of the line gathers anew by aligning emergent relations into directions that can start again from any which way, on a surface that is always in-the-making.


In the context of ‘doing research’ ‘in the field’(/wild) and ‘writing/producing a research report’ in the ‘Caring. Enactments of Hetereogeneous Relationships’ annual project, we would like to look at different methods of research used in fieldwork and writing. Through inviting guests to share their working processes with us, we will ask how these methods relate to what is observed, how they construct the entities produced and determine what we can know.

Experimentation in Heterogeneous Relationships and Transversal Techniques of Care
April 25, 2016, 15:00h