(C) Nina Prader


Workshop with Nina Prader

Suffragettes used printed flyers to spread the word about women’s lib.
DIY Riot Girrrls used paper booklets as a megaphone for creative manifestos.

A medium to dissent, inform, and play.
Learn how to make a simple book from one piece of paper and some basic book making techniques from glueing, printing, to distribution.
Tools and materials will be provided. Bring your ideas.
By the end you will be ready to start your own D.I.Y. press at home, at work and with friends.
The “Zine Kit for Zine-Ship” workshop will provide a brief historical overview to this DIY format from 80s punk and Riot Grrrl to other political movements. How has post internet culture affected book-making and self-publishing? How has zine-culture changed and been appropriated since the 80s and 90s by pop-culture and the art world?



What happens if we make our articles as comic-zines? A zine-workshop in the context of the ‘Caring’ publication as a playful opportunity to refresh/rethink the materials we’ve collected and written so far.