Grounded Theory

Workshop with Marilen Hennebach & Marina Leblhuber

Segmenting. Categorising. Abstracting ideas. Refining. Creating tentative storylines. In this meandering workshop Marina Leblhuber and Marilen Hennebach are exploring artistic and social scientific ways of constructing interpretative portrayals of the world.

The journey will start with a guided tour through our host’s premises, the filmkoop, continue with a short introduction to Kathy Charmaz’s constructivist approach to Grounded Theory and then a deeper dive into the practice of coding. The discussion that follows will offer an insight into how Marina Leblhuber’s and Jasmina Hirschl’s film project with people living and working in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside was created, then the afternoon will culminate with the screening of the artists’ documentary ‘Somewhere Else is Here’.

About the film: ‘Somewhere Else is Here‘ started when Marina Leblhuber and Jasmina Hirschl met with people living and working in Vancouver‘s Downtown Eastside. People were invited to contribute to the film by sharing what was important to them and what they wanted to communicate to the public.

The gathered documentary material was then edited into a film collage. Glimpses of people‘s individual stories, their artistic, cultural and political activities give a multiperspective insight into the community and its resilience.


About the filmkoop:Founded in 2008 the filmkoop wien is a filmmakers’ cooperative supporting self-determined filmmaking, and offers the space and the instruments to develop, work on and project 8mm, 16mm & 35mm film material by yourself, equipment rental with focus on analog film, and a space for screenings, discussions and collaborations.


Marilen Hennebach is a student of the Science and Technology Studies master’s programme at the University of Vienna. Marina Leblhuber is a filmmaker based in Vienna. She has a background in film studies and international relations. ‘Somewhere Else is Here’ was her debut film, released in 2012.

In the context of ‘doing research’ ‘in the field’ (/wild) and potential upcoming ‘intra-actions in the woods’, we would like to look at different methods of research used in fieldwork and writing.
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entities produced and determine what we can know.

Grounded Theory
June 26, 2017, 17:00h
Filmkoop Wien, Wickenburggasse 15, 1080 Vienna