The Decomposition of Income Inequality in the EU-28

A talk by Stefan Kranzinger

In this talk Stefan Kranzinger will briefly introduce the topic of inequality and share his findings from his 2018 paper on the differences in income inequality between the EU countries, and how the differing attitudes on state redistribution affects the levels income inequality in the respective countries. Indexes and methods he refers to and used for the research will be elaborated and discussed.

Recently the social-economic divide increased in Europe which might endangers the European project. However, there is a lack of current research that provides results for policy implications to counteract this development. Therefore, this paper replicates the work of Beblo & Knaus (2001) and analyses the composition of income inequality for the EU- 28 in 2014 by using data from the European Survey on Income and Living Conditions in two steps. First, I apply the Theil index and additively decompose the sources of inequality into a within- and between-component by countries, country groups and demographic groups. Second, I analyse the impact of government redistribution on income inequality.

Stefan Kranzinger studied his PhD at the the Research Institute of the Economics of Inequality (Vienna University of Economics and Business). He lectured in Economic and Fiscal Policy and his areas of expertise include poverty, income distribution, EU SILC, middle class and inequality. He currently works at Salzburg Research in the Mobile and Web-based Information Systems department.

The Decomposition of Income Inequality in the EU-28
April 29, 2019, 14:00h
Salzgries 14, 2nd Floor, 1010 Vienna