Repro-photography workshop

Lecture by Sophie Pölzl

An introductory workshop on documenting flat materials & works like drawings, notebooks, maps etc. using equipment that we have at the A&S department.
We will build two setups together. One with the works/materials on the floor and one with works hanging on the wall.

How to: camera, lights, tripods, light measuring, colour checker
After taking the photographs we will generate a profile with the colour checker software and how to activate it in Lightroom.
Please bring works/materials that fit into the description above, so that we have examples to photograph.


Sophie Pölzl is an artist that lives and works in Vienna. She studied Art & Photography class at the Academy of Fine Arts and also at Schule Friedl Kubelka für künstlerische Photographie. Recent exhibition include: ‘Sophie Pölzl - My knees are pink floating islands’ at xE - Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien and ‘Sophie Pölzl’ at Sotheby’s Artist Quarterly, Wien. As well as this she works for artists, collections and institutions as an exhibition and reproduction photographer (Sammlung Hainz, Mumok)

Repro-photography workshop
October 28, 2019, 10:15h
Salzgries 14, 2nd Floor, 1010 Vienna – Art & Science Studios