© Somewhere Else is Here, still frame, 2012

Somewhere Else is Here

Screening and Discussion with Marina Leblhuber

Somewhere Else is Here started when two artists (Marina Leblhuber and Jasmina Hirschl) met with people living and working in Vancouver‘s Downtown Eastside. Interested persons were invited to contribute to the film by sharing what was important to them and what they wanted to communicate to the public. The gathered documentary material was then edited into a film collage.
Glimpses of people‘s individual stories, their artistic, cultural and political activities give a multiperspective insight into the community and its resilience. The ambivalence of this neighbourhood, to where marginalized people are being pushed to, and accepted by an inclusive community, is reflected in the film. Somewhere Else is Here is also a tribute to the many workers and volunteers, who facilitate highly self-organized and accessible social networks.
Somewhere Else is Here, CA/A 2012, 65 minutes, English with Subtitles

Marina Leblhuber studied theater, film and media studies and international development at the University of Vienna. She works with video and film to invastigate institutionalized and informal systems that interfuse our societies.

In the context of exploring questions related to the future of work and what ‘a good life’ could mean through our 'Artscience practises’ seminar this year. What could be an ecological way of working together, also with fish, glaciers, objects, models, or stories? How are we shaping cross-species solidarities and how are they forming us? Through lectures, workshops and excursions we want to investigate different types of relationships between entities and and experiment with assembling strategies through the winter and summer semesters.

Somewhere Else is Here
January 20, 2020, 14:00h
Salzgries 14, 2nd Floor, 1010 Vienna – Art & Science Studios