Tour of a studio situation

Steffi Alte @ Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Tour of a studio situation

Steffi Alte gave a tour to Art & Science students and talked about on how she developed the space with the students.

Steffi Alte is an artist working with sculpture/intervention/performance/happenings/situations. Her practise includes installations on the roof of tram stations, building ‘rollercoasters' in exhibition spaces as well as collaborative projects where objects such as a kiosk in the studio garden also work as a platform/stage for things to happen. As such she has a lot of knowledge/experience with building objects (e.g. with metal, wood) and a sensitivity for space and how to develop different situations in a space. In the academic year 2018-19 Steffi ran a workshop for the students of the Art & Photography class at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna; ‘Workshop for a studio situation’, that was thought of as an exhibition project. Through discussions, reading texts, excursions, and practical workshops they developed together the current working space at the photo-class which she will give us a tour through. We can get an idea of how they solved the tension between communal working space and private areas, where should the bar go (!), do we need an area to hang up work/sketches/material to look at them..!


Tour of a studio situation
October 19, 2020, 14:00h
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Photography Class Studio