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does that make sense? | Art as/at work?

Double lecture by Margit Busch and Aurianne Chevandier

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does that make sense?

Talk by Margit Busch

I probably started artistic practice because since my school days I noticed a peculiar gap between what I learned theoretically and what I experienced. I wanted to feel what I know or I only know if I also feel. To feel gives things a meaning. In order to cope with the difficulty of not belonging explicitly to any discipline with this attitude, I became a transcientist and introduced transciency as a future discipline in my master thesis. In the talk I will present 3 examples of transcientistic practice: IF-THEN-ELSE. Welcome to transciency, PING PONG. Reflecting about Reflection, and my current activity, which is a PhD project with the title A Garden for a Fish.
All in all, I am trying to develop a research and representational practice, that opens up a sense for the complex interplay of mind and matter – a practice that generates curiosity, encourages emancipated reflection, exploration and exchange.

Art as/at work?

Artists and research

Talk by Aurianne Chevandier

In this talk, Aurianne Chevandier will give an introduction to the subject of her current research. Developed as a reaction to her use of social sciences’ methods in the creative process, her work focuses on the transmission of the concept of “research” as a scientific practice to art. The presentation will be the occasion to articulate the thinking process that brought the idea of research in the foreground of her work, and to present how it now shapes her artistic practice.

With a starting point in 2018 and the beginning of a work addressing the contour and places of her neighbor’s memory she will extend to her current artistic practice, centered around two approaches. One is influenced by microhistory and the will to bring out narratives of daily-life, for which she collects, produces and arranges material. The other resulted from introspection throughout the creative process, it is a parallel body of work and reflection focused on staging herself as an artist-researcher.

Her research navigates between practice and theory. With this movement, she tries to understand the mechanisms of validation in contemporary art, between over-intellectualization and the myth of a decontextualized creative genius. She aims for a caring and introspective approach to art, that encourages doing/making by accepting mistakes and valuing try-outs and exchanges.


Margit Busch completed an apprenticeship as a car mechanic in Berlin, studied biology in Bremen and worked for many years as a zoo guide in Stuttgart before she came to Vienna to study Art & Science at the Angewandte. Her diploma project [2016] received the Kunsthalle Wien Prize.

Aurianne Chevandier (born in Lyon, France, lives and works in Vienna) is a visual artist and researcher. She interrogates the relationship between art and research through an active discussion involving practice and theory. Influenced by her master’s degrees in History (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) and Photography & Contemporary Art (Université Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis) she arranges visual content with collected narratives. Nourished by her practice of academic research and its fluctuant making, she considers art a process rather than a finished product, and wonders whether it is possible to show an evolutive art work. To do so, she uses the idea of “research” to explore ways of showing art in the making, between multimedia installations and the staging of art work.

does that make sense? | Art as/at work?
December 14, 2020, 14:00h
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