(c) 2021. Work installation by Mauricio Suarez; Photo by Jorit Aust

The Fortune Roulette

Mauricio Suarez: The Fortune Roulette
Research-based art installation of an alchemical amulette made with my own body materials, glasses, metal, bicycle road, wool and magic.

Affected by the misfortune of the Pandemic, I have begun a research-based installation consisting of an alchemical amulet made with my own body materials in jars and tied to a wheel of fortune with wool and magic. This wheel is used for prediction and can bring good luck as well as bad luck. Natural materials and processes are a part of ourselves and should be considered as material for purification and regeneration. This wheel mainly serves as a biobank that keeps some parts of my body for eternity to demonstrate my state of health in a certain period of history during a world pandemic. By analysing the results of the different parts of my body, the visitor can get an answer and an interpretation of his deepest concerns.

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The Fortune Roulette
June 23, 2021